Approximately 25 percent of patients with a mental health condition will look no further than their primary care provider (PCP) for treatment, due to lack of access to psychiatric care, the stigma attached to mental illness, or other concerns.

Experienced psychiatrist, Dr. Van Doren, offers consultations for those who wish to ensure their patients are properly managed by a field expert. Many patients turn to their PCPs to seek treatment for mild mental health conditions and are treated with success. Dr. Van Doren would like to partner with you to help improve patient outcomes.  Following a formal diagnostic assessment, Dr. Van Doren can make treatment recommendations and provide clinical guidance for you and your patient.  

Tele-psychiatric care works best when there is a collaboration with the PCP. Ideally, all of Dr. Van Doren’s patients should have a PCP who can provide additional clinical information including any findings on physical and neurological exams, EKG and basic labs (TSH, T3, T4, BMP, LFTs and CBC with differential).   Dr. Van Doren recommends that his patients establish a collaborative care agreement between their PCP and himself.

Benefits of Collaborative Care

Dr. Van Doren can confirm that your patient is receiving effective treatment including medication selection and dosage and identifying chronic conditions that may be related to behavioral health. The ease of access to a psychiatrist may encourage your patient to be more compliant in their treatment directives.

Are you a primary care or other provider treating a patient with mental illness? Contact psychiatrist, Dr. Van Doren, today and learn more about how he can help you achieve optimum patient outcomes.

Referring Providers

Dr. Van Doren welcomes your referral.  Please send a referral letter and clinical information including physical examination with a basic neurological exam, EKG, TSH, free T4, CBC, BMP, and LFTs.  Labs and examination should be recent (within the past three months).   Please send to or fax to (612) 808-6737. Thank you.