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All treatment begins with a thorough diagnostic assessment. This is typically a 50-60 minute interview during which the doctor will review and assess the patient's condition and symptoms. A complete medical history is recorded. The doctor will also collect additional information including family history, psycho-social and developmental history, and substance use history. When indicated the doctor may order lab work and/or imaging, request medical records, and gather collateral information from family or friends. The diagnostic assessment is completed during the initial office visit. At the conclusion of the assessment the doctor will discuss the diagnoses and treatment options.


Medication Management appointments are brief appointments lasting 10-20 minutes. During these appointment the doctor will review and assess that patient's response to medications as well as any potential side effects and other medical factors that may be related. Brief supportive therapy is included in this type of visit. Also the doctor may briefly discuss behavior modification and recommendations for psychotherapy.

Dr. Van Doren provides comprehensive psychiatric care to adults and adolescents (>12 years). Office based appointments are available for patients in the Twin Cities metro area.  He also provides care to patients throughout Arizona, Kansas, Minnesota, Texas and Wisconsin via secure internet videoconferencing (telepsychiatry).  Dr. Van Doren treats all mental health conditions including ADHD, anxiety, panic, depression, bipolar, PTSD, OCD, agoraphobia, insomnia and sleep disorders.


Dr. Van Doren will interview the patient and review symptoms as well as medical, family and social history, and lab work if indicated. He will then make an accurate diagnosis of your condition and develop a personalized treatment plan consisting of a combination of therapies including psychotherapy, behavioral modification, and medication.


If you are already undergoing psychiatric treatment, Dr. Van Doren provides second opinions.  He can help you gain perspective on your illness and identify areas where your current treatment plan may be improved.


Doctor Van Doren incorporates psychotherapy with most of his treatment plans. The doctor may refer patients to a psychologist or master's level therapist. He also provides psychotherapy to some patients depending on need and therapeutic fit with his style and approach to therapy. Dr. Van Doren practices psychodynamic psychotherapy and CBT.



Rates are the same for office visits and online telepsychiatry sessions.

Initial Appointment: $425

60-minute comprehensive diagnostic interview complete with assessment and treatment recommendations.

Follow Up Appointment: $195

20-minute session to assess your current symptoms and effectiveness of your medications. Your progress will be evaluated and your medications adjusted as needed. As time allows, psychotherapy may be incorporated.

Psychotherapy Appointment: $395

50-minute session for psychotherapy.  Medications may also be managed during these sessions.

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